Optimize your organization for peak performance using our patented advanced positioning analytics to map an image in real time. We can pinpoint exact locations through 2D and 3D technology, giving you immediate insights into various aspects of your organization.



Asset-Tracking Hardware

Our video processing technology allows for real-time insights into where your assets are located, whether that be a customer at your store, a bed in your hospital, or a tank on the battlefield.

Data-Tracking Software

Our advanced machine learning algorithms turn your data into useful insights, allowing you to make logical and critical decisions quickly and efficiently.

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How Ubihere tracking technology works for different sectors


Track staff, medication carts, medical devices and more with our tag and video technology.

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Learn the path your customers take through your store, products they interact with, and much more.

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Embed our tags inside equipment and receive on-demand location tracking very precisely. 

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Custom Solution

Contact us and explain what you are looking to do, and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs!

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